About Us

We are a massage therapy service based in Port Macquarie NSW, specializing in deep-tissue pain and knot removal. Our techniques guarantee results to improve muscle pain and mobility.

Relax and Rejuvenate

Massage therapy heals pain and improves mobility, offering powerful relief

Our Services

We offer a range of massage therapies to address different needs. Our services include deep-tissue massage, pain relief massage, and knot removal. Experience the benefits of our professional techniques.

Deep-Tissue Massage
Pain Relief Massage

Our deep-tissue massage targets the underlying muscle layers to relieve tension and reduce pain. Our pain relief massage focuses on specific areas of discomfort to provide relief.

2 women sitting on black sofa
2 women sitting on black sofa

I've never felt better! The deep-tissue massage really helped with my muscle pain.

Happy Clients

woman in orange blazer sitting on car seat
woman in orange blazer sitting on car seat

The pain relief massage was exactly what I needed after a long day at work.


“I never do recommendations until now. I have had massages from Rob for several years and he delivers the best deep tissue massage I’ve ever had In my life. I’ve had a few hundred massages, from masseurs around the world and I am not an easy client in that I’m big and I have very stiff muscles. I call myself a masseur’s nightmare.

But Rob’s massage technique gives me relief and un does my knotted muscles like no other masseur that I have experienced in the last 40 years. To top it off he’s just a nice guy. Because of all that I have said above, that is why I am breaking my self imposed rule and I’m giving this recommendation.”

David Russell


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